Retail Scales - PC Platform Scale

PC Platform Scale KW-6G

Highdream retail scales combine elegance with high performance. Thanks to a powerful 4-core ARM processor for faster operation and large flash memory for greater storage capacity, they meet the needs of various daily sales scenarios.
  • Intuitive operation interface and 10.1” touchscreen.
  • Anti-dust, moisture and oil.
  • Adjustable brightness, suitable for indoor and outdoor scenes.
  • The load-bearing underframe is made of die-cast aluminum alloy: waterproof, dustproof, pressure-resistant.
  • High-precision sensor, accurate weighing.
  • Waterproof IP66 design within 500mm of floor height (weighing pan).
  • The integrated design of the machine can be quickly wiped.
  • Convenient special-surface structure.
  • Receipt/barcode printing mode is optional,suitable for various scenarios.
  • Operation switch is easy to handle, paper roll can be replaced in 10 seconds.
  • Durable and efficient print head.
Weighing range Max 60/150kg
Scale interval e= 20/50g
Min. Load 500g
Printer 1.8” recipt / 2.1" label
Body Material Die-cast aluminum
Date recorded
Weigh price labeling
Warehouse management
Suitable for
Various goods
Fruit, vegetables
Fish, seafood
Bakery products
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