Inspection Systems - X-ray Inspection System


Highdream offers quality control technology as well as inspection solutions. Our broad product line includes x-ray inspection, metal detection, checkweigher.

Why an X-ray inspection system can be a smart choice:

  • The accurate detection solves the problem of foreign bodies that cannot be identified by the human eyes, effectively ensuring food safety in packaging.
  • The modular and standardized structure of the whole machine, as well as the wide detection range, make it also suitable for foreign-body detection of large packages. It is equipped with intelligent algorithms for high detection accuracy.
  • Advanced X-ray imaging technology is used for clearer imaging and easy identification of foreign objects of similar density. The machine comes with visual LEDs and intelligent alarms for abnormal conditions.
Model XM2301001
Sensitivity (no-load) SUS ball≥∅0.3mm; SUS wire≥∅0.2×2mm;
glass balls≥∅1.0mm; ceramic ball≥∅1.0mm
Material size (WxH) Width ≤ 445mm x Heights ≤ 200mm
(trapezoidal detection area) with optional dual channel detection
Dimensions (L×W×H) 1100×1200×2050mm
Infeed belt width 510mm
Net weight(kg) 500 kg
Load(kg) 10 kg
Infeed belt speed(m/min) 10-60 m/min
X-Ray output(W) 350W, 80kV/8.0mA adjustable
X-Ray leakage < 1μSv/h
Service environment Ambient temperature -10~40°C, relative humidity 30-85%°C, no condensation, freezing or upheaval
Body material SUS 304
Power supply Single phase AC220V+10%, 50/60Hz, 2kw
Protection level IP66 for drive parts, IP65 for others
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